A state where a human being loses their consciousness, without their knowledge but respond to the suggestions that others make because of the peripheral awareness is called as hypnosis. Hypnosis is a concept that has been debated a lot. Even though many people stand against this concept, there are scientific evidence and facts that stand as a backup.

Here are certain ways to hypnotize people.

Interrupting the pattern

There are certain things that human beings are very much used to. It is registered deep in our minds because we are constantly experiencing the same pattern again and again for a very long time. This deep registered memory reduces the ability of the brain to process, and hence it expects the common pattern that is registered. Making a huge change in that pattern disrupts the senses for a brief moment. During this time people can be hypnotized. For example, when people expect you shake your hands place your palm on your feet and the other on the chest. The person takes some time to process your actions. This is the time you hypnotize and give commands.

Hypnotic Keywords

The subconscious mind is very vulnerable. It is easily programmable and can be made to imagine things or situations easily. For example, you get scared while watching a horror movie. Even though you are fully aware that it is just a movie the imagination is the reason for you getting scared. When you say hypnotic words such as images you ask the particular person’s subconscious mind to take control. So the images that you feed through your words actually take over the person’s mind.

The Zeigarnik effect

Zeigarnik effect is basically the process of capitalizing on human mind which always thinks about the unfinished business and throws away the completed tasks. For example, if you need to recharge your mobile phone when its battery is down, you won’t think about it after you have charged it. Zeigarnik effect also works on the same basis. To hypnotize someone all you need to do is, tell that particular person an exciting but an incomplete story. As his mind starts working on completing the story you can hypnotize him and later tell the end of the story.



An ambiguous phrase or a sentence leaves the conscious mind of the person working on the meaning of the sentence. This makes their mind concentrate more on finding the meaning of the sentence. This allows you to interact with the subconscious mind directly. Interacting with the subconscious mind can easily allow hypnotizing a person and making them follow their commands.

Negative words

It is the basic mentality to do the things that are instructed not to do. This is not your mind working. It is your subconscious mind that is doing all the work. For example, if I tell you not to imagine a white phone with a black cover, you will probably be thinking about a white phone with a black cover. So when the negative thoughts are fed to your subconscious mind, it acts exactly opposite to it. With this basic principle, people can be manipulated and hypnotized.