In the world where the genre of science fiction has gained a permanent place in the hears and minds of the people, we really long to have something extraordinary, something which makes us stronger than others and something that makes us have control over the other human beings. we really love to have this kind of a power as it can really set us apart from other human beings

This can be achieved to some extent but it is also not very safe for the person who is the subject for this hypnosis can sometimes be affected very much it will destroy them and their lives completely thus a professional has to teach this to anybody before anyone tries it on others.

There are various ways the hypnosis can be achieved on a person this can have various cues some of them can be done by talking softly, gently and soothingly, this can also be achieved through the gesture of the hands this can also be done by making a person look at an oscillating object thus as follows there various way here we are to discuss the most prominent and the easiest to practices for any common person under the guidance of a professional psychologist or a hypnotist .

The first method is called as

Pattern interpret 

This can be done by breaking the pattern of a certain type like the handshake or hug or anything that is done on a regular basis use the time that the people are thing and set the command in the people mind before the recover from the shock of not being treated in the way they usually were this is one way of hypnotizing .

Hypnotic usage of words

This is another the technique where are the usage of certain words can hypnotize a person by the use of certain strong and empowering words the conscious mind can be made to step aside, and the subconscious mind will be made to follow certain commands, and the person will do it. This is another way a person can be hypnotized.

Usage of ambiguous phrases

It can also become a good method through which a person can hypnotize and made to become your beck and call to a certain extent this is how it can happen. When a person is shot with an ambiguous phrase like ‘What will not happen if I don’t fly in the air’ this can make a person’s conscience go blank for a period of time and this is the time can be placed on their mind thus the person will immediately obey you without any question.

Negative psychology

This is also a psychological method which is of use in advertisement and marketing industry this is an age-old and very powerful form of hypnosis technique. In this technique all that you have to do is to give a negative cue to a person and generally it is the job of our mind to give a positive answer to the question presented to it thus when a very strong sentences like ‘you can’t take give me your wallet as soon as I snap’ though you may never snap but create a foot tap sound this will cause the person to give the wallet to you immediately.

These are some of the techniques that can be used to hypnotize a person.