Generally, when you hear the word hypnosis, the first thing that comes to your mind is that the shows that magicians perform on stages. Some of you might think that is pre-rehearsed and is entirely a setup to fool people. The fact is hypnosis is a scientifically proven theory. It is also medically accepted and is being used for various purposes. The hypnosis that is performed on the stage is very much different and is less intense than clinical hypnosis.

The truth behind stage hypnosis

Many people really don’t have a clear idea about magic shows and the tricks that used to make it more lively and presentable. Hypnosis is one of those shows that have left the audience with a surprise and a huge question mark. It seems like the magician randomly chooses a person from the crowd. But the truth is he or she has already been selected among the audience by asking few questions before. The answers to the questions give the magician an idea whether the person is vulnerable to hypnosis or not.

Hypnosis helps overcome the bevy of Maladies

Hypnosis is not just a stage show or an alternative for anesthesia. There are a lot of advantages when it comes to hypnosis. It helps to forget traumatizing incidents and overcome phobias. Pregnant women are practicing hypnosis to have pain free delivery. Parents of children with ADHD are opting for hypnotic therapy which is drug-free and also has a positive effect on their health.

Different functioning of the brain

Hypnosis is a state of mind where the brain to bypass the consciousness of the mind. It blocks the habit of asking questions and observes things from a general perspective. The brain attains the state of hyper-awareness. It is a state where it does not consciously think about the surroundings.

It is Impossible to be struck in a hypnotized trance

After reading about hypnosis are you thinking that you can hypnotize a person and command him or her for the rest of their lives? Giving it a deep thought, it would be great if things really work that way. But sadly that is how things are. A hypnotized person is in total control. They come out of it just by opening the eyes.

Hypnosis gives a different feel to different people

Hypnosis might look like the same process from the outside. But every person who is hypnotized has a different feeling. Many describe in many different ways. It varies from person to person. Some feel very light, and some feel very heavy. Some have even said that they were floating in the air.

You can hypnotize yourself

This is one of the myths that have been going around for years, that it needs two people to perform hypnosis. But the truth is that hypnosis can be performed on themselves. There are few techniques that are specifically designed for self-hypnosis. By following these techniques, self-hypnosis can be performed.