Anxiety is both common and treatable using hypnosis

An anxiety problem does not mean that you are weak or that you are losing your mind, or that you may have a personality problem. Severe anxiety is a common problem for many people in today’s busy world that can be overcome with treatment. 

What is anxiety?

The word ‘anxiety’ is often used to describe the mental and physical response to any situations we fear or find threatening. Sometimes we don’t even know why we find the situation threatening or why we fear a certain thing the way we do. Our reactions may include trembling, choking, increased heart rate, sweating, feelings of unreality, dizziness, and jelly legs. Anxiety is a normal response experienced to some extent by everyone at times. Being bullied at work, sitting for an exam or giving a public talk or presentation are all examples of situations in which many people would experience some anxiety.

You may be suffering from an anxiety disorder if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Your anxiety reaction occurs frequently
  • Your fears are out of proportion to the situation you encounter
  • You find yourself starting to avoid places or situations where you experience anxiety of any kind
  • It begins to interfere and cause problems with your working, social, personal, or family life.

Different forms of anxiety include

  1. Panic disorder (Including Panic Attacks and Post Traumatic Stress)
  2. Agoraphobia
  3. Social phobia (Including Shyness and/or blushing)
  4. Generalized anxiety

1. Panic Disorder

People who suffer from ‘panic disorder’ are likely to experience attacks of sudden and intense anxiety even though they often cannot associate them with events occurring around the them at the time. Generally, you will be free from anxiety in between panics. 

Common symptoms of panic disorders include the following:

  • Psychological symptoms
    • fear of dying
    • fear of going crazy
    • feelings of unreality
    • Feeling out of control
  • Physical symptoms
    • dizziness and light-headedness
    • tightness or pain in the chest
    • sweating
    • shortness of breath
    • hot and cold flushes
    • pounding heart
    • choking sensation
    • nausea
    • trembling
    • numbness/tingling sensation in fingers and feet
    • light headedness

Panics are also commonly with the other anxiety disorders. However, those panics are easier to predict because they will usually occur in response to the feared situation(s) or circumstances.

2. Social phobia

The main feature of ‘social phobia’ is the fear of being the focus of attention or the subject of criticism or negative feedback or comments. People with this disorder may worry that they will do something that may be silly or embarrassing in front of other people. This may lead to the avoidance of these situations and make life difficult for the sufferer.

Commonly feared situations include:

  • Speaking or presenting in front of others
  • being the centre of attention
  • asking questions in a group situation
  • eating or drinking in front of others
  • social activities such as lunches, dinners, parties, marriages, sports events, business meetings, religious gatherings/festivals etc
  • Taking part in group activities at courses and training sessions

3. Agoraphobia

People who have agoraphobia will experience psychological and physical anxiety and possibly panic attacks, in specific places or situations, in which:

  • there is a sense of being trapped or being caged in
  • the environment is unfamiliar
  • the environment is different and unfamiliar
  • they have had a panic before

This leads to the avoidance of many situations and can severely and adversly affect day-to-day life. In extreme cases, people suffering from agoraphobia may even find it difficult to leave their home.

Examples of commonly feared or avoided situations are:

  • leaving home for any reason
  • travelling alone
  • crowds
  • public places
  • travelling on public transport
  • crowded places of any kind

4. Generalized anxiety disorder

Generalized anxiety is different in some ways from the other anxiety disorders because the experience of anxiety may not seem to be linked to specific situations or to a fear of having panic attacks. It is an ongoing general anxiety, with tension and excessive worrying about normal events and the future. You may feel worried most of the time about things which might go wrong or you may find that you are tense without knowing what you are worried about. You may also have persistent negative and worrying thoughts about anything or everything. However, you are less likely to have all the feelings that are listed under `panic’ and `phobias’, such as fear of dying or fear of going crazy.

What May Trigger Anxiety?

There are many possible triggers for anxiety and it often starts during periods of psychological or physical stress.

Examples of psychological and physical stress include:

  • Psychological symptoms
    • relationship break-ups
    • lack of sleep
    • moving home
    • severe arguments
    • work pressure
    • loss of someone close
    • financial problems
    • starting a new job
    • redundancy
    • physical and sexual abuse
  • Physical symptoms
    • domestic violence
    • abuse of alcohol
    • abuse of other drugs
    • trauma
    • heavy smoking
    • comfort eating

How is Anxiety Treated with Hypnosis?

Feeling anxious does not necessarily mean you have a problem. Anxiety is a normal response that everyone has to certain situations. But anxiety is not always useful; sometimes it reaches disabling proportions. The aim is not to get rid of all anxiety as a certain amount is necessary for motivation through normal living, but rather to reduce it to manageable proportions.

One of the best ways to manage anxiety is through psychological help such as hypnosis.

With these therapeutic methods it is possible to:

  • control and stop panic attacks
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • change any negative and unrealistic thinking and reduce worry
  • get back to normal living quickly
  • prevent the symptoms from recurring in the future

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